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Chicago, Virginia, Brooklyn, Oh My!

Chicago in the summer.  It seems a distant memory now:  getting off an airplane (fromVirginia, to Chicago) and into a full car with people I’d never met in a town I’d never played.  But alas, these situations seem more and more common in this strange life as an independent, self-proclaimed rock star.

The Chicago Rocks interview went swimmingly, besides the fact that I was fighting some kind of Death Flu From Outer Space.  The best part of the experience was getting to know three of the coolest people in Chicago.  Patrick,Lexi, and some tall kid that was hanging around the whole time named Andrew (that is, when he wasn’t busy auditioning for American Idol or running off with girls).  Later, I played a show with a band called I Fight Dragons, who are a resourceful and friendly people with a rich culture and heritage.

Since then, I’ve done a few things, one being an absurd and crazy thing.  First I made a new record called Virginia Is For Hoverers (Part One), which I recorded in (gasp) Virginia.  Then I played a few shows and mowed some lawns and stuff.  My faithful trio and I played notably at Richmond’s The National, and drew a surprisingly dense crowd (not like, a stupid crowd, I mean, a numbered crowd).  I went to Utah and played a show.  I went to Norfolk and Maryland and played some shows.  Meanwhile I wrote fifty new songs and taught my cats to sit and roll over (really).

So then I did the crazy thing.  I packed up my keyboard and some books and some clothes and I moved to a little town called New York City.  My drummer Brett and I have resided in Brooklyn now for about a month.  The adventures we’ve had so far are fantastical and endless.  I feel like I’m living in a cartoon world.  But most importantly, making a career out of my thousands of little songs here feels not only possible, but inevitable.

Every night, we meet people who are making music, even if we don’t try.  In our first twenty minutes in Manhattan, we met Mika’s manager and had dinner with him.  Last night, I met aprofessional bass player and a drummer who owns recording studios all over the city.  Today I met an amazing touring pianist and hung out at his “apartment” (really a two-story house with a grand piano and complete stage set-up on the bottom floor).  People are interested in good music here.  We’ve booked some shows with a seeming wave of our hand.  I’m excited about 2010.  Whatever happens, New York has already changed my life.

Now, if only I can find a decent day job before starving to death.

Enjoy the interview.  I know I did.