Lexi Scherr: Co-Founder, Director – Public Relations

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Lexi graduated in 2008 from Indiana University with a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology, which she plans to do nothing with.  Her real passion comes from thecreative arts like acting (theater and film) as well as music (singing and piano), which she has been doing for several years. She is currently recording her first full-length cd which will be made available at LexiScherr.com as well as thesixtyone.com.

Upon graduation, Lexi, along with Rob and Pat, decided to create MaybeHip.com, believing internet tv to be the next wave of popular media. She is excited about the opportunity to host My Indie Life, Chicago Rocks, and Your News along with her co-hosts who have been her best friends for over five years.

Any Maybe HIp fans should feel free to twitter her as well as become a friend on facebook. She is always looking for feedback on shows in order to make them as entertaining as possible, so make sure to email her at lscherr@maybehip.com.