Andrew lothian: Audio Engineer


Chicago Rocks

On The Web:

Andrew is currently working on a Bachelor of Arts for Audio Arts & Acoustics at Columbia College Chicago with a concentration is in Audio Design & Production. He enjoys writing and recording songs and is currently working with his band, The Nobodies, on his first full length album entitiled, “I’m Like That.” The title is inspired by his common disregard for social norms and expectations. Andrew also enjoys his work as “Assistant Regional Manager” for the Chicago band I Fight Dragons. His experience with them has given him a real passion for all aspects of the music industry, not just recording.

Andrew was asked to join Maybe Hip to help out with the audio for the bands on, “Chicago Rocks.” This role transitioned into writing music for the show’s many theme songs and he is responsible for the themes of “For OR Against,” “Your News,” “Okay, Good Stuff,” and “My Indie Life.” He was also commisioned to write the score for the upcoming summer blockbuster “The Walk.” The commission was self satisfaction.

Andrew offers a recording service at his studio, ALostudios. Feel free to contact him for studio time or for any other reason at any of the places above.